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Will Mommy Makeover Recovery End in Time to Reveal My Summer Body?

Dr. Jules Walters 11/25/2022

Are you searching for a "plastic surgeon near me?" Our mommy makeover procedures can address small fat deposits and excess skin at the same time!


Restore Your Skin's Natural Glow With HALO™ Laser Skin Treatments

Dr. Jules Walters 10/13/2022

A HALO laser uses ablative and non-ablative technology to improve your skin. Learn about our laser peels and how they restore your youthful glow.


What Skin Flaws Can be Improved With Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Dr. Jules Walters 09/11/2022

Laser skin resurfacing can manage fine lines and discoloration caused by sun damage. Learn more about laser peels from our experienced med spa team.


Give Your Vagina a Makeover With Labiaplasty Surgery

Dr. Jules Walters 08/19/2022

An enlarged labia can make many women feel self-conscious about their appearance. Refresh your look through cutting-edge labiaplasty surgery here.


Is it Easy to Maintain Results After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Jules Walters 07/12/2022

When excess skin and fat pockets collect around the midsection, tummy tuck surgery may be able to help. Read the facts about body contouring here.


How Long Will my Incisions Hurt After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Jules Walters 06/11/2022

Incisions made during breast surgery may cause temporary discomfort. Learn how our team improves breast augmentation recovery through tips and advice.


How Will My Body Look After Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Dr. Jules Walters 05/24/2022

Sagging breasts and excess fat are often the results of pregnancy. Learn about mommy makeover surgery and how it offers contoured results women love.


Could I Lose Feeling After Labiaplasty Surgery?

Dr. Jules Walters 04/22/2022

Surgical vaginal rejuvenation can improve your appearance and comfort. Learn about labiaplasty surgery and how to make recovery more tolerable.


What Will My Scars Look Like After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Jules Walters 03/19/2022

Do you want to remove excess skin around the abdomen but are concerned about tummy tuck scars? See how we minimize scar formation at our facility.


How Should I Sleep After Breast Augmentation to Maintain My Results?

Dr. Jules Walters 02/06/2022

It's important to take care of your body after getting breast implants. Learn about the best sleep positions to maintain breast augmentation results.


Can A Mommy Makeover be Performed More Than Once?

Dr. Jules Walters 01/31/2022

Patients can get more than one mommy makeover depending on their aesthetic needs. Learn about our special body contouring procedures at our clinic.


Can I Still Have Labiaplasty Surgery if I am Pregnant?

Dr. Jules Walters 12/14/2021

Labiaplasty surgery can reduce skin irritation so you feel more comfortable. Learn the details of labia surgery and who is a candidate for treatment.


How Many Sizes Will I Go Down With a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Jules Walters 11/16/2021

Loose skin and fat pockets in the abdomen can be reduced through a tummy tuck. See how many sizes you can go down by attending a custom consultation.


Will My Breast Implants Get Saggy As I Age?

Dr. Jules Walters 10/19/2021

Breast augmentation surgery is meant to produce gorgeous results that last for years. Read about our natural-looking breast implants in New Orleans.


Can Mommy Makeover Procedures be Performed On the Same Day?

Dr. Jules Walters 09/16/2021

Mommy makeover procedures can be performed on the same day based on your unique needs. Learn about breast augmentation and other treatments here.


What To Expect After DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Jules Walters 01/07/2021

New Orleans plastic surgeon, Dr. Jules Walters, helps answer common questions about the DIEP Flap breast reconstruction recovery process.


How Does Vectra 3D Imaging Impact Breast Revision Surgery?

Dr. Jules Walters 04/27/2020

Discover how the Vectra 3D Imaging tool can help you make an informed and confident decision about your breast implants the second time around.


What Are The Latest Modern Facelift Techniques?

Dr. Jules Walters 04/20/2020

Learn more about your facelift options here, and make sure you have the most up-to-date information about the different facelift techniques available.


Top Ten Most Popular Areas For Liposuction

Dr. Jules Walters 04/13/2020

Learn more about what areas this popular body contouring treatment can target and how liposuction can create a slimmer, more contoured profile.


Dr. Jules Walters To Offer Virtual Consultations

Dr. Jules Walters 04/07/2020

As the number of Coronavirus cases grows, patients need to take special precautions. Learn about COVID-19 and how to schedule a virtual consultation.

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