Liposuction in New Orleans, LA

Dr. Jules Walters offers the most advanced methods to effectively eliminate fat from areas of concern on the body. Lipo, or liposuction, is a body enhancement surgery that reduces pockets of fat from areas such as the flanks, tummy, buttocks, and thighs to create a more defined appearance. This fat removal surgery can be combined to treat multiple body parts. When we see you for your consultation, New Orleans, LA plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters will assess areas of your body you wish to address and show you a 3D simulation of what the procedure can accomplish so you can feel well informed and be one step closer to attaining your cosmetic surgery goals. We want to help you feel and look amazing.

Exceeding Expectations Daily

Dr Walters is an amazing plastic surgeon. I got a BBL with liposuction and my results are fantastic. It looks so natural. Could not be more happier. If you're looking for a surgeon for the BBL, he is your guy.


I had a butt lift and an liposuction in the abs, back, arms, and thighs performed by Dr. Walters. First, I look fantastic. I was very pleased with the aggressive liposuction. Second, during my second week post-op, Dr. Walters and his staff went above and beyond to ensure my well-being. Throughout this entire process, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dr. Walters had earned my complete trust. Because of this experience, I highly recommend Dr. Walters.


Dr. Walters performed liposuction of the calves, ankles, interior and exterior thighs, and fat transfer. I was extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Walters and his staff were available to answer any questions that I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Walters to anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon.


Top Notch Surgeon That Does Incredible Work! - I loved every visit with Dr. Walters! At my consulation, he was very informative and knowledgeable. He communicated to me what was best for my body and realistically achievable to get the most natural looking results.All of my post op follow up appointments have been great, as well! He takes a tremdous amount of pride in his work. His bedside manner is great! He is warm and funny, but above all, professional!He listened to all of my questions and concerns, addressing them honestly and confidently! My results are exactly what I wanted and more!I know what I was getting with the breast lift and augmentation, but I was pleasantly surprised with the liposuction results! I highly recommend him!The entire staff is warm and friendly leaving you to feel comfortable in the office.


Dr. Walters did an amazing job on my chin/neck. I got neck lipo and a fat transfer to my chin. I was awake during the procedure and I would do it all over again. It was so easy!! I’m only a week out and my chin and neck look 100 times better and very chiseled. He is very professional and gives you the best option for your body. He is an artist at what he does and is the best plastic surgeon in my opinion. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!!! Thank you Dr. Walters for upgrading my face and making me feel so much better with my confidence! And thank you to the staff for being so sweet and welcoming!!


Fat removal surgery is a terrific treatment for patients who are at an ideal weight but have troublesome areas of fat that are difficult to rid with even the most healthy lifestyle. Patients interested in liposuction should have healthy skin because liposuction is not a treatment for stretched-out skin. It's also important to know that liposuction is not a solution for weight loss. Females undergoing liposuction should have no plans to become pregnant again as this may compromise the lasting outcome. At the time of your consult for surgery, Dr. Walters will set realistic expectations.

This treatment is completed in an outpatient setting using general anesthesia. A punch-hole incision is placed through the skin so a cannula can be inserted. The cannula is a special tool that makes it easier to work loose the fatty tissue that is being vacuumed out. After the desired amount of fat deposits have been eliminated, Dr. Jules Walters will seal the small incision. He also offers endermologie treatments (a nonsurgical skin tightening procedure) to help maximize your liposuction results which is included in the cost of surgery. Based on the amount of sections being treated, your procedure may take several hours. In the separate area for recovery, your post-op nurse will assist you with managing any discomfort and look after your treated areas until you are discharged.

You may need to stay at home for recovery from liposuction surgery for several weeks based on the amount of sections treated and the amount of fat removed. It's typical to have bruising and swelling for one or two weeks, and you should have stitches taken out 7 – 10 days after surgery. The most important thing to do following any surgery is to give your body time to rest and heal. When you decide to go back to your job after your surgery, you should remember to minimize stress and strenuous activity. To increase your strength and stamina, try walking and light workouts as recommended by Dr. Walters. Remember, you may notice some improvements soon after your surgery, but it will take around 6 months until your new body contour and shape is complete.

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