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Breast augmentation using implants is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures in America and, in many cases, allows for terrific outcomes. In some situations, a patient can be dissatisfied with the appearance of her breasts and at some point may want breast revision treatment. Keep in mind not all revision treatments are because of practitioner error. While few breast augmentations do end with an unpleasing outcome, there are individuals who wish to have a larger or smaller implant, while some may have a visible irregularity and would like to have the implant corrected or removed altogether. Furthermore, some women must have revision treatment for a particular condition. New Orleans, LA plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters offers breast revision surgery after giving an in-depth exam and showing 3D simulations of the procedure so that the desired outcome is attained.

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Dr. Walters and his staff were great, they listened to my concerns, and provided the best options for my case. I received a breast revision with cohesive breast implants. I am extremely happy with the results. Dr. Walters was very attentive. I was very pleased with the process from start to finish. I will definitely recommend Dr. Walters to family and friends.


I was diagnosised in 2018 with TNBC. I had a bilateral masectomy. I completed my treatment in June of 2019. I decided to have implants put in, I thought that would be the least evasive way to go. Boy was I wrong. I got capsular contraction on the cancer side and the implant was tight in my chest and hard. I breast were not symetrical. Every time I lifted my arm it felt like my skin and muscle were ripping from my bones. I had pain in my knees, ankles, legs and feet. The other breast was not round like a normal breast, it had a square look to it. I was very disappointed with the way they looked and felt. Very unnatural. I decided I had to get these implants taken out. Thank God I was able to meet with Dr. Walters. I am only 4 weeks post-op for the DIEP flap procedure. As soon as I had those implants removed my pain instantly went away. I feel wonderful. AND my breast look amazing!!! They look and feel natural. All of the ladies in the office are exetremely nice and helpful. I had my prodecure at Ochsner Baptist and the nurses in ICU where very caring. I highly recommend Dr. Walters. I felt so bad for so long and was embarassed by the way I look. Now I can't stop talking about my breast. Can't wait to see the final outcome.


Should you have any worries (either medical or aesthetic) after breast augmentation surgery, please make a consultative appointment with Dr. Walters to go over your desires and needs and to develop your personalized plan for breast revision surgery. Whether it's scar tissue, drooping or sagging, ripples under the skin, or uneven breasts, revision surgery can help correct the deformity and result in a more normal and properly functioning outcome. This operation may also be appropriate if you are wanting to alter the implant style, size, or address another aspect of your breasts.

Breast revision surgery either removes an implant that is not functioning properly or is no longer desired. Breast revision surgery may also be performed to change implant size or go from an implant to a fat transfer (or vice versa). There are other common situations where a revision surgical treatment is desired or required:

Implant Rupture

Even though this is rarely seen, breast implant rupture can possibly occur. When a saline implant type ruptures, the implant will deflate almost immediately. Because of this, a visible deflation will be noticeable. Meanwhile, if the implant is silicone based and ruptures, it is only seen via an MRI. Whether silicone or saline, when a rupture occurs, a secondary procedure will be required.

Capsular Contracture

This is known as scar tissue hardening, occurring when the delicate tissue that surrounds the saline or silicone implant becomes thick and hard. Although many implant surgeries do create some internal scar tissue, most women will never see or feel it. In some situations, the hardening tissue could interfere with implant placement, which can change the breast shape and implant functionality, delivering an undesirable outcome. Capsular contracture surgery to clear away scarring would be recommended.


This condition occurs when the implant sizes look disproportionate. This may be due to an incorrect size implant, lack of tissue on one side, or a different condition that may cause asymmetry. An assessment and diagnosis would need to take place to determine what is leading to the asymmetry, then a revision surgery would be needed to resolve the problem, and, finally, a new set of breast implants would be positioned to create a symmetrical result.

Bottoming Out

This is a problem that happens if one or both implants bottom out or drop too low. Sometimes this is a case of a positioning error from the original surgical procedure. To modify this, a different placement method may be needed. For some patients, tissue grafting most likely will be needed, in addition to a surgically formed pocket to stabilize the new implant. For many patients, going to a silicone breast implant usually will solve this issue.


Symmastia is a condition that takes place when breast implants are inserted and placed too closely together. Most often, this is because the breast implant used was the incorrect shape and width. A revision treatment will repair this problem by utilizing an implant that fits your frame and looks pleasing to the eye.

Implant Rippling

This condition occurs when you see obvious rippling and wrinkles under the skin. This irregularity typically forms just along the edging of the implant. Rippling is generally found in patients who are of low body weight. Many times, this issue can be fixed by simply switching to a silicone breast implant.

Breast Size

Sometimes a secondary breast surgery is as straightforward as getting a smaller or larger sized breast implant. During the first surgery, you may have opted to go too conservative or gone a bit too large. A different implant size can be switched with the original to reach the desired aesthetic goal.

Revision breast surgery is performed using general anesthesia. Recovery from a revision surgery varies depending on the revision type. For example, if a different size is being placed, a breast lift may work if less CCs are used to help remove wrinkled or loose skin. Revision surgery that warrants complex revision techniques will need a longer recovery that could possibly last up to 6 – 8 weeks. Patients will slowly start to see their newly revised outcomes once the bruising and swelling starts to disappear. The most important aspect following revision breast surgery is to reach a result that is pleasing to the eye.

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