Gynecomastia in New Orleans, LA

The scientific term gynecomastia is used for breasts in men that are overly large. This condition is one that can produce a feminine chest due to the increase of growing breast tissue. Many times, gynecomastia is related to an unknown hormonal problem. It can also be the cause of certain prescription drugs and medications, steroids, weight gain, or it can be hereditary. Adolescent and adult men with this condition often feel frustrated and anxious, most commonly in situations where the chest is exposed such as at the beach or pool or at the gym. New Orleans, LA plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters performs surgical breast reduction for men who suffer from gynecomastia. This surgery does have a positive success rate. It is known as one of the more common cosmetic treatments for men at Dr. Jules Walters, and we invite men suffering from this condition to contact us for a consultation today. 

Male breast reduction treatment is reserved for men with oversized breasts that cannot be treated with medications or diet. If you are troubled by the size and shape of your chest (but you're healthy and at a good weight), you could possibly benefit from male breast reduction surgery by Dr. Walters. Adolescent teens may also attain positive results from gynecomastia treatment; however, an additional procedure may be needed later as an adult if excess breast tissue continues to develop. In your initial consultation with Dr. Walters, treatment considerations will be provided, including the chances of moving forward with surgery to correct the condition.

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A form of liposuction is almost always utilized during male breast reduction surgery.  Liposuction helps eliminate excess fat tissue from the internal chest region. For severe cases, any lax skin will be carefully trimmed away to produce a taut look, and then the nipple area and surrounding areola will be surgically reshaped and placed into a proportionate position. For most men, this treatment strategy requires an incision in proximity to where the glandular tissue has formed. After the pockets of fat and excess skin have been appropriately handled, Dr. Walters will pull together the remaining skin.

For most gynecomastia patients (mild to moderate cases), Dr. Walters offers laser liposuction with excision of the glandular tissue through a very small incision at the inferior areolar border all under local anesthesia.  For severe cases, where excess skin must be removed, general anesthesia is required.

At the conclusion of your gynecomastia surgery, the chest will be supported with a compression garment to help decrease swelling, bleeding, and bruising. For complex cases where a more intricate approach was used, a small tube for draining may be properly positioned to help with fluid. The outcomes following this procedure are almost immediately visible, and most men are extremely excited about the cosmetic enhancement. Any incisions made during surgery take time to heal, and any scars left behind are barely seen. With your new, masculine-appearing chest, you likely will get medical clearance from Dr. Walters 4-6 weeks after surgery to incorporate exercise and weight training, which will help accentuate the surgical results.

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