Rhinoplasty with Dr. Walters

Dr. Jules Walters discusses the process of Rhinoplasty.


My name is Dr. Jules Walters. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon and today we're going to talk about rhinoplasty. When patients come see me for rhinoplasty, it's my job to look at their whole face.

We first visit with the patient, do a 3-D imaging, and with the patient, go over specific changes that we can make to their nose in order to make them feel more confident about themselves.

Sometimes we combine procedures like fat grafting in the face or chin augmentation to really enhance upon their rhinoplasty results. Recovery time usually takes about three to four weeks for all the swelling to go down.

My personal philosophy in rhinoplasty is not to completely change the patient's face, it's to enhance their underlying beauty. It's truly a rewarding experience to show the patient in a mirror their new nose.