Mommy Makeover with Dr. Walters

Dr. Jules Walters discusses the process of Mommy Makeovers.


Hi, my name's Dr. Jules Walters. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon and today we're going to talk about mommy makeovers.

The mommy makeover is basically any combination of surgeries that helps restore and re-shape a woman after childbearing. Patients that come see me for a mommy makeover are trying to restore the body and the confidence that they had prior to childbearing. So, most commonly we talk about doing some type of breast surgery, whether it's breast augmentation or a breast lift, and usually a combined liposuction with tummy tuck procedure.

These surgeries typically take about six hours in the operating room, with approximately two to four weeks of recovery time. It's truly a rewarding experience just to see patients come to me after mommy makeover surgery and to see the joy in their face and I can sense the confidence that we've restored in them.