Breast Reconstruction with Dr. Walters

Dr. Jules Walters discusses the process of Breast Reconstructions.


Hi, I'm Dr. Julie Walters. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon and today we're going to be talking about breast reconstruction.

When patients come see me for breast reconstruction, usually it's after a diagnosis of breast cancer. It's important to have proper communication between myself and the breast oncologic surgeon.

What makes me unique as a breast reconstructive surgeon is that my practice is also focused on aesthetic surgery. I'm the first hidden scar certified plastic surgeon here in the New Orleans area, and I truly approach breast reconstruction as what I call aesthetic breast reconstruction, and what I mean by that is that I want to provide an aesthetic result for all of my breast cancer patients.

Patients are very happy with results. They face a tough time dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis, and it's my job and very rewarding to see patients feel whole again and happy with their reconstructive results.